“Even now, after having been in kindergarten for 3 months, my 5 year old is still talking about Ms Annika, his teacher in Little Lamb. He has been asking if we can visit Little Lamb and all his teachers there one day. Little Lamb has been such a wonderful experience for all of us. I have two older daughters who also attended Little Lamb preschool for 2 years, and who continue to have very fond memories of their time there.

Little Lamb manages to combine fun, art, play and learning in an environment with loving, nurturing teachers. Going to school was definitely a joy for the kids. They have clean, brightly-lit, vividly decorated classrooms, and a wonderfully spacious partially shaded outdoor play area, with a large sand-box, a well-stocked pretend house and lots of trikes and cars that kids can “drive” around. And of course, a large swing-set. But I have to say that the amazing, loving teachers are really a gem. These are teachers who are doing this because they love it, who have a sense of fun and joy, and you can really tell!

I highly recommend Little Lamb preschool – great memories, loving teachers, amazing outdoor play area, cool activities, Christmas concert, lots of learning incorporated into their various activities – what’s not to love!

The Chuang Family
Attended Little Lamb: 2007-2009, 2014-2017

“Little Lamb is an amazing preschool!  When we were exploring preschool options, we wanted to find some place that would provide a solid academic foundation for Kindergarten, help our daughter learn important socialization skills, reinforce the values we are teaching her at home, and instill a love of learning and curiosity that would follow her throughout her education.  Little Lamb was the one school we looked at that checked all of these boxes.

Our daughter attended Little Lamb for 2 years, and we were always blown away by how deeply the teachers and staff cared for all the children, and how much fun the kids had at school every day.  Little Lamb has created an incredible community for their students and families, and we cannot recommend the school highly enough.”

The Alves Family
Attended Little Lamb: 2015-2017

“All our 3 kids went to Little Lamb for preschool.  They really enjoyed the kind teachers, nice playground, great social atmosphere and art/creativity which really benefit them a long way in life as my elder girl is already a junior doing really well in UC Berkeley.

Wish you all the best and really appreciate the education Little Lamb preschool provided for our kids, we give a six star out of five if we can choose.”

The Dong Family
Attended Little Lamb: 2000-2002, 2007-2009, 2014-2017

“Both our son and our daughter attended Little Lame Preschool for two year.  After observing the environment at different preschools, we decided to send them to Little Lamb.

We could not be happier about the time they spent there.  The teachers were wonderful.  They were very connected with the students and interacted with them in such a positive way and treated them with such respect.

The curriculum was very integrated.  The students learned Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Christian concepts in a way that connected to the real world.  I also knew the curriculum used was giving them the best foundation for starting school and moving forward in life.  My children started Kindergarten very successfully and used what they learned at Little Lamb to progress through the grade levels.

Above all, my children were very happy there and that’s something that meant a lot to us as well.  My family is very happy that we sent our children to Little Lamb.  We had a wonderful experience all around.”

David and Susan Cole
Attended Little Lamb: 2014-2017