Our staff is known for being caring, nurturing and discerning of each child’s individual needs.  They are committed to partnering with parents to provide the foundation for children to grow to be loving, productive, confident, and responsible individuals.

All our Little Lamb teachers are state-qualified to teach early childhood education.  The level of education varies as some teachers hold a California Child Development Teacher Permit, AA or BA in Early Childhood Education.  Little Lamb teachers further their education and take part in professional development hours every year.  All of them are experienced in providing early learning education, and committed to being attentive to children and supporting a loving and Christian environment.


  • Kitchen Coordinator Felicia Sotelo  joined Little Lamb in November 2016.  She enjoys spending time with her son.  Felicia likes going to the beach and collecting shells.
  • Administrative Assistant Maria Cheng  has been with Little Lamb for 5 years.  She was born in South America into a Chinese family; so, she speaks Spanish and Chinese.  Maria likes jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku.
  • Director Melissa Gannon  has been a part of Little Lamb Preschool for 7 years, and worked with the city of Newark in children recreation programs for 6 years.  Melissa enjoys spending time with her growing family.  Her daughter started at Little Lamb last Fall.  She loves going to the movies and baking delicious treats for friends.
  • Assistant Director Jan Ball  has been with Little Lamb since June 2015.  Jan has over 30 years of experience teaching preschool and kindergarten.  She enjoys reading historical novels, going out with friends, and anything related to Scotland!  Her great joy is her 3-year-old granddaughter.



Full Day Pre-K 4/5s

  • Annika Hansen (head teacher)  has been teaching preschool since 2004.  She started full time with Little Lamb in 2014.  Ms Annika enjoys dinners with family and friends, snuggling her pets, and reading with a box of See’s chocolates!
  • Madge Wong  has been with Little Lamb since 1996.  She taught preschool for 23 years.  Ms Madge enjoys working with children; she loves music, movies, and spend time with her family and 6 grandkids.
  • Alex Hagmann  has been teaching since 2011 and joined Little Lamb in 2016.  Ms Alex enjoys singing, playing her guitar, and all things Disney.


Morning Pre-K 4/5s

  • Carol Gadd  has been with Little Lamb for 20 years.  Ms Carol previously taught at Fremont Christian School.  She was the founder and director of the Fremont Christian Homeschool Independent Study program.  Ms Carol is a former violinist at the San Francisco Youth Symphony, and she is now grandmother to 15 grandchildren!  Ms Carol loves dogs and glitter!
  • LiAnn Bressler  has been with Little Lamb since Oct 2016.  Ms LiAnn has dedicated her life to working with children because it is something she always had a heart for.  She could not see herself doing anything else.  Ms LiAnn is excited to be at Little Lamb doing what she loves every day.  She enjoys taking walks, camping, reading, and being with her family.
  • Jen Branch (head teacher)  has been with Little Lamb for 7 years and is now teaching the Morning Pre-K class.  She has two daughters who keep her busy!  She enjoys hiking, reading and walking her dog.


Full Day Preschool 3/4s

  • Wing Ho Wai  joined Little Lamb in 2005.  Ms Wing likes spending time with her family and enjoys their music performances.  She also likes walking by the lake and enjoy the nature.
  • Christina Scott (head teacher)  has been with Little Lamb for 11 years.  Ms Christina holds a degree in Visual Communication and a second degree in Early Childhood Studies.  She enjoys photography, reading, listening to all kinds of music, travel, and spending time with family.
  • Danella Antonio  has been with Little Lamb since May 2016.  Ms Danella previously taught at Fremont Christian Preschool & Elementary.  Ms Danella’s favorite animal is the narwhal (unicorn of the sea).  She enjoys spending time with her family and boyfriend (who is a former Little Lamb student).  In her free time, Ms Danella likes to paint or watch a cooking show with her cat.


Morning & Extended Morning Preschool 3/4s

  • Cassie Arredondo  has been with Little Lamb since 2013.  She loves photography and anything crafty.  She enjoys going to Disneyland and watching Netflix with her new husband.
  • Priscilla Wong  has been with Little Lamb for 6 years.  Ms Priscilla enjoys spending time with her family and friends, eating delicious food, and exploring California.
  • Janice Dickinson (head teacher)  has been with Little Lamb since it began in 1991.  Ms Janice is a mother of 3 daughters and grandmother to 9 grandchildren.  She loves to garden and do crafts.  Ms Janice lived in Fremont her whole life.
  • Joyce Mak  has been with Little Lamb since Oct 2015.  Ms Joyce is a cat lover; she has 2 cats.  She enjoys sharing good food with her friends and family.


Morning & Extended Morning Jr Preschool 2/3s

  • Cindy Sotelo  has been teaching preschool for 5 years and she joined Little Lamb in August 2016.  God blessed her with 3 children and 2 wonderful grandchildren.  She is passionate about sharing God’s love with children.
  • Michelle Lee (head teacher)  has been with Little Lamb since May 2015.  Ms Michelle previously taught at Little People Christian Preschool & Day Care Center for 9 years.  She is a mother of 2 children.  Ms Michelle enjoys photography, baking and cooking.
  • Anna Kehl  started teaching at Little Lamb this school year; however, she was here before as a student and Ms Janice was her preschool teacher!  Ms Anna is studying Early Childhood Studies at Ohlone College.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking, visiting family, and baking delicious things.