Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be “fully potty trained”?
When we say “fully potty trained” we mean that children must be able to stop what they are doing and let a teacher know that they need to go to the bathroom before they are wet. They also must be able to wipe themselves.

What if my child does not nap?
We recognize that not all children will sleep during nap time but we do ask that they be respectful to those that do sleep. This means that they need to be able to rest (with quiet bodies and voices) for at least one hour.  Nap time at Little Lamb is from 1:00 to 3:00 pm; teachers start picking up children who are awake at 2:00 pm.

Is there a required time that my child must be at school?
We strongly encourage parents to drop off children no later than 9:00 am. The classrooms are designed to start the bulk of their learning time after that. It can be hard for child and disruptive to the class if children continue to arrive after classroom activities have started.
We do understand that there are times when appointments need to be kept; we just ask that you let the office know you will be arriving late. We expect children who are in the Full Day program to arrive before nap time (1:00 pm); we do not allow drop-in daycare.

Do you provide hot lunch?
We currently do not offer a hot lunch program. Parents provide lunches for the children, and if they want them to be kept hot, they will send them in a thermos or similar container. We do not heat lunches.
Little Lamb provides a morning snack (not meant to substitute breakfast) and an afternoon snack for the children.

Can I volunteer in the class?
There are occasions to volunteer in the classroom (like special party days). However, new state regulations require all volunteers to be fully immunized to interact with the children. Little Lamb requires all volunteers to submit a proof of immunization (DTap, MMR, Flu shot) prior to the volunteering day, and they will be filed in our office.  Note: flu shot can be waived with a note expressing their choice of not receiving a flu shot.

Do I need an appointment to visit Little Lamb?
Yes. We want to make sure we have someone available to give you a tour of our school. You can either call our office at 510-656-1359, or email

Is Little Lamb for Christians only?
No. Everyone is welcome to join Little Lamb. However, because we are a Christian School, we include biblical elements in our curriculum.

Is it OK to start with 2-day morning class, and when my child is adjusted, I will change to 5-day with longer days?
Technically it is OK. However, we will not guarantee that we will have an opening. Also, changing from Half Day program to Full Day program may mean switching to a different class, with different teachers and different friends (we do not recommend this because the child would need to re-adjust to a new class).

Do you offer discounts?
Single Parents Discount.  This is based on a sliding scale based on the parent’s income and financial situation. Parents interested in applying for this type of discount will need to complete a questionnaire and submit copy of their paycheck stub and most recent tax forms.

Sibling Discount.  We offer a 10% tuition discount to the 2nd (and subsequent) child enrolled at Little Lamb at the same time.  There is no discount on the registration fee.

What is your teaching style?
Little Lamb is a play-based school.  This means that everything we do , even things with an academic focus, are done in a hands-on age-appropriate way.  We want to encourage children to explore, ask questions, and experiment with their environments.

We emphasize learning through social interactions with teachers and peers.  Play is such an important part of early development and we want to provide as much opportunity as possible for children to learn all they can through it.

How do you discipline children?
Our first strategy is always to re-direct a child.  If an area or a toy is causing the conflict, we may ask them to find somewhere or something else to play with.

If re-direction is not effective, we will ask the child to take a break (time out) no longer than 1 minute per year the child is old (example:  3 year old = 3 minutes).  After the time out, teachers will walk the child through the conflict and help them transition back to the group.

The most important thing for us is to partner with parents to provide clear and consistent boundaries, build social skills, and provide the foundational tools needed for success in school.